"I was what you are, I am what you will be"
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#shoppedtattoos commissions: crpainting@gmail.comso Cute <3


#shoppedtattoos commissions: crpainting@gmail.com
so Cute <3

This Ain’t Right

Maybe you can’t make me talk

but for sure I’ll make you feel it.


The Middle Earth Travel Poster Series - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

I really love LOTR 

Then I look unto you

It was really a mystery what was really love means. But not until you came then gave me a clue what was it really.

Shall I just keep it? or take the risks

Shall I just keep it? or take the risks


I fell in love with a girl
who fell beneath the weight
of her own self-doubt
and that’s why she could
never give me the same love
that I once privileged her with.

Sunday Morning

Waking up too early in the morning and craving for a cup of coffee but never had a chance. Need to be with friend to go Church as what we plan to. I take a jog to our meeting place

I really dunno when the last time I had a visit to Church. But still, the good thing was I did it again with my what I LOVE most, my closest friends.

But nevertheless, there is no better love than a cup of hot coffee :D

why i love you

I really fond of your smile. I just want to see your smile even the simplest.  If ever I don’t have any chance in a day, I see to it that I can make you.

Your smile can always lift my heart, make me define what happiness was.

Or maybe i just love you.


why i love you

First it was like ’ I really don’t know why can you simply make me smile. For some reason maybe I just realize you are a some kind of a “special treat”…

or maybe I’m starting to fall on you…



wewe panu ba e3 :D